Keeping Your Gas Appliances Safe As A Landlord

Keeping Your Gas Appliances Safe As A LandlordEvery landlord has the duty to keep tenants safe from anything in the landlords home that the tenant will encounter.  This is why since 1996 the law in the UK has required that all landlords have a gas safety certificate validated every 12 months.  For tenants, this means there is an easy to track way to know that the appliances in their home are safe.  As a landlord the value of the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is that the property will be safe and likely free from any unplanned ignitions or explosions.  This therefore protects not only the tenants but the property itself.  Continue reading

A Scientific Assessment of Weight Training Supplements

A Scientific Assessment of Weight Training SupplementsThere’s a bit of myth and legends regarding nutritional supplements – while some scientists have dug into researching the definite benefits of these supplements, many simply write them off as inconclusive or barely functional. An incredible amount of people use supplements daily, especially those who are concerned about their physical fitness and health. Here we’ll break down some of the ways supplements do (and do not) work, as well as how you can get them to work for you effectively. Continue reading

Could you have a Career in Science?

Could You Have a Career in ScienceIf you are a lover of science and all its wonders then there’s a chance that you could make it your career. When we first learn about the world of science it’s in a classroom and we’re all taught about great inventors, natural elements and such like. It’s a world that perhaps seems so far away but is one that is closer than we all think. Continue reading

Scientific Training

Scientific TrainingThe important thing to remember when training is that everyone has a different body, and therefore everyone will respond to the same training regime differently.  This is why it is smart to give yourself a hand when building a routine for yourself, and do what you can to adapt it to your own specific needs. Continue reading

A Look Into The Formation And Treatment Of Bumps

A Look Into The Formation And Treatment Of BumpsIngrown hair is a common shaving problem. It’s also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae or razor bumps. Razor bumps occur when a strand of hair is cut too deeply to the extent that it fails to shoot out of it’s pore when it starts growing again. Although there are many methods of preventing them, most people may still get the occasional bump(s) on their skin after shaving. However, if you are using the top beard trimmer available today, you won’t have to worry about bumps as much as those who don’t. Continue reading